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ZZ Tops
ZZ Tops made their debut at the Riga earlier this year and will be returning in September.  They played a blinding gig with great authenticity including instruments, choreography and beards - yes real beards!
Otway Returns
John Otway retuirns to the Riga in Septembera fter a long absence,  It is true that if there are 100 things you should do before you die then seeing John Otway must be one of them!!. Thankfully the Health and Safety people have not yet prevented his wonderful dive off a ladder and somersault during the show. A great set and we all enjoyed his passing tribute to Eddie and the Hot Rods...we await in anticipation there rendition of Bunsen Burner!
Eddie & The Hotrods and The Heavy Metal Kids
Eddie & The Hotrods are welcome regulars at the Riga and always rock the place so it's great to see them back in July in a double header with the Heavy Metal Kids who made their Riga debut earlier in the year.  Since then they have changed their front man - if their last gig at the Riga is anything to go by this double header should be blistering!
Radio Caroline Tuesday 28th August, 2007
Strange the reactions you get when you put on a Radio Caroline T Shirt. They range from "I remember them" to "What do you mean, they're still going" and then "Who?" Then all the other questions start. So......

The Marine Broadcasting Offences Act came into force on 14th August 1967. This closed down all the "Pirate" Radio Stations that were broadcasting, except one - Radio Caroline. And Radio Caroline is still broadcasting today. OK, there's been a few gaps in the transmissions - the Mi Amigo sinking didn't exactly help the cause!!
Ah, but does it still play all that 60's stuff all the time? Nope - you're just as likely to hear The Killers and The Arctic Monkeys as you are The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Although if you do want to hear the best - and worst!! - of the 60's and 70's then tune in at 9pm every Tuesday. There are no play lists as such - the DJs play what they like, which means you won't hear Rap, Hip Hop, House, Garage, Boy Bands, Girl Bands, what is now known as R'n'B, failed X Factor / Pop Idol / Big Brother Contestants, "D" list celebrities etc, that the mainstream radio station DJs are forced to play. Not heard one of your favourite records on the radio for ages? Then get in touch with the studio by phone or email and ask them to play it. If the DJs can fit the song into their show, they will.

You're in a band and want to try and get your music played on the radio? Then send your CD to Radio Caroline. Don't forget, Radio Caroline was formed because the BBC and Radio Luxembourg (the only stations around at the time) wouldn't play records by certain artists managed by Ronan O'Rahilly. So Ronan decided that if he couldn't get his acts records played on those stations, he would start his own. One of those acts was Georgie Fame.

And how do you listen to Radio Caroline? If you've got Sky then tune into channel 0199. If not, you can listen on the internet by going to www.radiocaroline.co.uk Also go to this site to find out more about the stations history, who the DJs are, the schedule, buy merchandise, etc. Go on, give it a go. What have you got to lose?

Why am I banging on about Radio Caroline? Well, you're more likely to hear the music by the acts that are appearing at Riga - and other venues like us - than you are on the other mainstream stations!! When was the last time you heard Thunder, Wishbone Ash, UXL, Waking the Witch and Hugh Cornwell on the radio? For me it was over the weekend, although I must admit I requested a song by Thunder. Wasn't my fault though - The Devil Made Me Do It!! 


Update - View this video clip, and help save Radio Caroline

Friday 27th July, 2007
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